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Auto Insurance Tips

You can save on auto insurance in five ways:

  • Make sure you get all discounts you qualify for
  • Shop around for a good, low cost insurance provider
  • Keep your driver's record clean and up-to-date
  • Drive a "low profile" car equipped with certain money-saving safety features
  • Adjust your coverage to assume more risk
Examine discounts you might qualify for. Discounts include:

Lower Risk Jobs - Drivers that work as engineers tend to get into fewer accidents. Insurance companies know that engineers are a low risk. Since there is less chance that they total their cars, they charge engineers less for insurance. Your job might be low risk also.

Professional Organizations and Auto Clubs - Affiliation with AAA and certain other professional organizations will lower your rates. You should check with your employer to see if there are any group insurance rates.

Combined Policy Discounts A big source of savings is to insure your cars with the same company that insures your house. Make sure you ask if combined coverage is available. This will lower your payments on your car insurance and make your homeowner's policy cheaper too.

Renewal Discounts - Given to people who have been with the same insurance company for 1-5 years. Especially if you have beenwith the insurance company for several years, and not had an accident. A renewal discount is a good incentive to keep you as a customer.

Auto Safe Discounts - Features such as antilock brakes, automatic seatbelts and airbags are also frequently rewarded with insurance discounts.

Eliminating collision insurance -If you have a car worth less than $2,000, you'll probably spend more insuring it than it is worth.

Higher deductibles - Increasing your deductible will still covers you against heavy losses, but decrease your monthly premium by as much as 25 percent.

Avoiding high loss surcharges - The more expensive and higher-performance the car is, the higher the premium will be. Cars frequently stolen and expensive to repair will also be expensive to insure.
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